Path.Money is a technology company that helps online advertisers realize incremental revenue from their web properties through a unique set of products and in-house technology. Path.Money does not provide any products or services to general customers. If you have questions regarding an application, or status of a product or service please contact the company or website where you applied, or purchased from.

If you are having issues finding who to contact we recommend the following.


Q: Can you help me with my loan, application, or purchase?

A: No, Path.Money does not receive applications, order data, or any other personally identifiable information from our advertising partners. Please contract the site where you applied, or service provider directly. (For tips on finding who to contact see above.)

Q: What are you doing with my data?

A: We do not collect any Personally Identifiable Information. PII includes things like: Name, Address, Phone Number, Social Security Number, Email Address of which WE DO NOT COLLECT.

Q: Do your advertiser partners give access to my data?

A: No, our advertising partners do not transfer us Personal Identifiable Information.

Q: How do I turn off notifications to my device?

A: The general process is the same for mobile devices and computers. Within the browser settings / preferences, search for 'Notifications'. Most computer browsers have a search box that will direct you to the proper menu after searching for 'Notifications'. From their change the setting for the site(s) that you would like to stop receiving notices from.

For mobile users, note that you will most likely need to open the browser app, then access the settings. However some mobile phones and tablet operating systems you might need to look at the phone settings, then adjust the app settings for notifications from there.

Chrome: Turn notifications on or off -

Android: Control notifications on Android -

Firefox: How do I revoke Web Push permissions -

Microsoft / Windows: Change notification settings in windows 10 -

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